Frequency Of Steroids And Supplements In Everyday Life


The moment we here the name steroids, the first thought that strikes our mind is their use by the people in the sports field. We have heard many stories about famous sports personalities who have come under serious controversies for allegedly consuming steroids and supplements before their events. What are effects of steroids and is it very harmful? Steroids are stimulants that will energize and boost up a person`s energy surprisingly to a very high level. The quantum of stamina that it gives is three to four times more that the general energy levels and this is the reason for it being consumed by many athletes for they require and exert so much of energy on racing tracks. These are not harmful but beyond a limit it is illegal.

Steroids are of both good and bad ones. There are many patients who are advised to take steroids for their ailments. This is generally in most advanced cases wherein the patient is unable to bear the pain caused by a particular illness. But do not forget that they have very serious side-effects. Some of the common problems that might be evident in people put medically under steroids are hair loss, loss in body weight, tiredness and weakness. In such cases these people are advised to supplement their losses with essential vitamins and mineral tablets. Apart from this some of the medicines that are prescribed for some serious problems like arthritis, cancer also contain some amount of steroids in them. These steroids act very strong and stubborn against the disease in the body and try to knock it out completely from the roots more information on turinabol cycle .This strong dosage of course kills the disease but in the due course also makes the body lose some of its essentials. But this can easily be supplemented which is of course a little time consuming.Steroids – merits and demeritsAs explained above, steroids are both advantageous and disadvantageous depending upon the situation and the reason for which they are consumed. Let’s now take a look at how they benefit and harm the body.



With a regular intake of steroids, body growth and fitness can be increased easily. But it is to be remembered that it has to be under a proper physician`s advice and prescription without which the act becomes illegal.We generally see people in the sports field like athletes, boxers, cricketers consuming steroids.The reason for this is when they are consumed the physical strength and stamina goes high making them stand strong in their respective fields for long.It is a stimulant and gives confidence to a person. He/ she will feel positive and this would give them the mental stability to handle any tough situation.When steroids are prescribed to a patient who has undergone a very risky surgery or who has a very serious injury, they help them in a speedy recovery curing all their wounds and operated body parts.Now it would be incomplete if we stop here with just the advantages for the demerits are more and hence it becomes necessary to elaborate them to educate people on the correct usage of these harmful yet beneficial substances.




It is very clear from the above that they help in improving the physique but remember that they are capable of spoiling your moods. You might sometimes be dragged to the extremes of depression and aggression. And all these manias will be for no good reason. In such cases understand that steroids are the culprits causing you mental disturbances.Steroids can increase the risk of cardio-vascular problems, heart failures, malfunctioning of some important blood vessels and valves. They can sometimes affect the central nervous system leading to psychosis.


Some of the common problems like nose bleeding, insomnia, frequent muscle tears can also be due to regular dosages of steroids.In men, they might cause infertility, erectile dysfunctions, decreased sperm count, testicle shrinkage and sometimes even prostate cancer.In female steroids might cause clitoris enlargement, baldness at an early age, uncontrollable hair growth on face and other exposed parts and disturbed menstrual cycle.In teenagers, some of the visible and common problems due to the intake of steroids might be delayed puberty, early skeletal maturation and many other side effects.They might also cause liver and kidney damages.

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