The above listed are only a few of the many problems caused by the intake of steroids. It is always advisable that they are consumed under a proper physician’s/ trainer`s guidance for they know better about what type of steroid might work for a particular kind of problem. Self medication is generally to be avoided and when comes to steroids, it has to be completely neglected. People who by pass this rule are to be punished for this is an illegal act. Even their consumption by the athletes, though for a good purpose, comes under serious investigation and in many cases sports people have been suspended or completely banned from taking up the sport.


Though steroids help in body building, increased stamina and power, they are not the only sources who do this and there are many supplements which can easily and effectively replace them. There are many proteins and vitamin supplements that help to give the same results like that of the steroids but the only lag with them is the time. They give us results but it takes a long time. Looking at the dangers of using steroids, the wait or time taken by these supplements in giving us the desired results is worthy. For people who are under medical treatments, these  steroids are prescribed by the doctors; these doctors suggest medicines that have only a low level of steroids in them which is not very harmful to the body and at the same time acts vigorously in improving the health conditions.


So whether the intake is for a medical reason or a personal body building reason, it has to be done under proper guidance for good and safe results for it might otherwise affect and disable the entire body making it unworthy for any activity.

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